Outstanding Wizarding Levels (O.W.L.) Camp 2021


O.W.L. Camp is a free, STE[A]M-based wizarding summer camp. For summer 2021, take-home kits were given away based on random selection to youth of all skill levels and abilities, ages 11–18, with a County Library card.

Application process for take home kits was open March 1–31, 2021.

Youths ages 11–18 who would like to participate in O.W.L. Camp online may do so beginning June 22.

If you have a question about O.W.L. Camp, please review our Summer Camp overview. For other inquiries, please contact the Headmaster.

O.W.L. Camp Applications and RSVP’s are closed for 2021. See you in 2022!


What to Expect

Have you been anxiously awaiting your O.W.L. letter? Do strange things tend to happen when you're around?

O.W.L. Camp is your chance to geek out with other Harry Potter fans, dress up, talk nerdy, and go to Hogwarts, circa 2021. Be prepared to experiment, learn, connect, play, and create.


Get out your wand (aka, your username) and say the magic spell (erm, your password) and pass through Platform 9¾ to access everything O.W.L. Camp.

You can earn House Points, compete for different levels, and advance through classes. While all activities are presented online, many challenges will call for you to mix potions, build obstacle courses, complete experiments, or craft spells, all using household items.

The portal opens June 22, but like all good portals will close. Content will be up through July 31.

Meet Our Professors

Only the finest professors provide instruction at O.W.L. Camp. We would like to thank our past and returning professors who contribute content, curriculum, resources, and teaching.